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collapses or you might end up would too. taxis but this is a necessary service. when strangers pickup strangers in the dark they'd like to have a clear register and driver which cities have that >> you can't go back in time. to meet the counter challenge and to provide the people with the service they need and one i need it by filling that avoid void. there's 40 percent of residents they'd take a taxi more frequently. most would increase late night
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entertainment use. more people would take taxis to work if it was reliable. and one of the more interesting points when we in our survey asked the limousine users some like the luxury a maybe 40 percent said the luxury. but 90 percent agreed that 5 out of 5 mostly in reaching their agreement i take a limo because it will come to their home. now, when he go to compare city's on a per capital basis
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san francisco is the red one there. you can see cities with fewer and more taxis including new york which is served by black cars in new york not taxis. we need to place e ourselves here to see how many taxis we need. one place that san francisco stands out is the low levels of vehicle ownership. a lot of homeowners can't food the vehicles. so a few points of interest on a scale diagram we're gop up and to the right have the highest
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level of non-car ownership. so san francisco is the red dot you see it's below that average line. as the line rises the higher the average number of taxis. if san francisco would move up to the average line the pink bar that would be a 90 percent increase in your number of taxis. but that's overstating your need because that's also cutting into the profitability. in washington, d.c. there's no value and new orleans it's very low. and that is not just this service it's affecting the
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driver. if we look at the color peers like boston and chicago have strong values equal but they have a lot of taxis and in the number of household without vehicles. so out of that we said not 90 percent but 50 percent roughly matches your peers with the same relatively healthy income. having said that 50 percent not all at one customer's don't change their habits automatically and the industry needs time to get drivers out and drivers trained it takes experienced drivers where to be
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otherwise they're all ended up at the same place like the airports. so we rementsdz additional 2 hundred in 2014. and then we come to the question of how good is a argue crystal ball as an economist were we think the best way to manage it is to judge its own privity ability. if someone commits to the industry then the case is there. as people make that collective you decision that would govern the pace of expansion and the business we expect to see growing out there. now why are sidecar and lifts a
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solution. while they're a new alternative and tlts there's a place for each service by roadway there's a vast market that's left under served by taxi industry. we have to remember that quite a few people don't use limousines. and of those who use limousines they almost also want that to come to their door. the limousines are more expensive and there's a safety issue. but it's not just people that take time to change their habits to use the taxis criminals take time too to adopt that were as
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time progresses we can expect to see more cost-effective services. and also perhaps less supervision and less attention than we see now. in the end we're just waiting for the wrong kind of headline. and the kidnapper. you could look for a sign that someone posts on their car and it could be phoney. i remember that anyone iowa with
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a car could pickup someone in moscow and give someone a ride but that died down when a few things that are bad started to happen. when people started using that for criminal purposes. it's worth noting that one survey that was put out by sidecar there they were trying to use the reason that people felt safe and 71 percent said they felt safe or safer than in a taxi. however, if your surveying only those people then the flip side is tr case
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>> how would this change argue behavior. well, people often give the right answer to a survey not just yes or no. out of 28 percent said yeah. half 5 out of 5 so there's a whole string of really strong agreements here even on car ownership. 11 percent said they'd give up their cars and almost two percent said strongly agreed they want to get rid of their second car if you can rely on taxis. when you drive out you want to
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be able to get back they're paying all this parking they want to get rid of the second car. secondarily 20 percent strongly agree. the dollars the city would spend on itself is there. so there's quite a border impact if we have enough taxis to allow to not hold back that choices people want taxis a part of the package to let them choose this the end. so that's where we got to an the shorthand. so we might ask who should get them. and we have those principles. and the demand is filled in a
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timely way but we want to have that expansion to protect taxi drivers income. and perhaps more controversial is the driver transportation should be maintained. you've gone down that road and the wisdom is it improves the quality and the most port input to quality is that the driver knows where they're going and they know how to treat you. those on the waiting list should be treated fairly. there's a whole other issue is that the fees charged should remain fair. and at any point is out of
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control and there are ended up paying one or more too much. so we want those fees charged to those drivers to remain fair and other aspects is we want to keep the costs down and keep something on going and ease. you don't want to have huge inquiries you want something that works automatically. a bit more on those fees this is an important chart from the report. it asks how much - this is from the survey of drivers saying how much they have to tip to get that car on friday night. the orange bars are the ones giving it unwillingly.
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and that line is where people are paying on extra 20 and involuntarily perhaps not taxable tip. so our recommendations anything that goes out right of first refusal for the waiting list. we've also suggested geeze a price floor for ma diligendalin terms of priority experiences drivers first preferences in
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terms of transparence. and when we get to wanting a fungsz system for lots of choices for san franciscans we want more choices. we think the transfer choice 80 should be transferred to 3 hundred thousand yet so you're still at liberty to make that choice. we also think there should be direct leaving. that drivers get the opposite to lease the madalinas as and some of you know its way over the cap. so you can discipline the market
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and give the drivers a choice even if they don't take the choice you get more respect when i can walk out the door with another option. in terms of part time madalinas you don't want to add to the off-peak just the peak where it's needed. we also separately feel there is a role for company ramp madalinas. companies want to control their own business. but the reality is that for a ramp madalinas i want tow be able to holiday the dispatch accountable for getting there. so if there's going to be a role the ramp madalinas are the place for it to be and that will serve
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two purposes at once. almost there. direct laefs is quite controversial it has been in the city already. so it was all no, they don't want the m t a to get into the business. they're only providing the madalinas in a different form. but when he went out and asked drivers more than half strongly agree 5 out of 5 that drivers without madalinas should have the choice to lease the madalinas directly. and the trust issues were apparent. they really want that choice.
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now madalinas holders a third of them want the choice too. but there's definite majority rule drivers out there you don't make them do it but to give them that option. now we presented all this report to town hall so it's worthwhile on marketing on the feedback. a lot of folks feel there should be a better dispatch and that would solve the problem. our response is if you can imagine putting in the best dispatch system and we convince everyone that it's going to work. the amount of calls that come in
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could not be responded p to. the reason that it was successive it could be met from the whole vehicle pool you need to have the vehicles first. the reason you have poor dispatch in the city it's not a lack of base from the companies. the reason why you don't have it as an effect it's because if they stuck their heads up they would get too many calls. there was some dispute over oh, people want a better enforcement
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first but if you clear the streets of all non-taxi providers you would have a different situation. some people disputed our data by in the end they say that $675 is not the fixed market price it's 45. our response on the conflict of interest is people know that before they hire us. we talked about direct leasing were we didn't name a price we can provide more guidance on that later but we named the
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current market price. regardless of this you need more taxis out there. we had some good suggestions on how to make companies accountable with taxis. so the package we're offering is to expand taxis to meet customer need. we think you need to defend this market. we commit to the owner driver system again. and we give the drivers another option for the madalinas that increases their positions. >> we can hear from the public. thank you very much. okay. let's hear from the public >> are there members from the public who have not turned in
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their speaker card please do so now. the first 3 speakers. (calling names) >> hello, i'm saying most of my speech is blown out of the water so i'm glad the speaker was offering that. >> please don't make up your minds until you hear the story about the lift and sidecar. i don't know on this call it's
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complicated issue but when this topic comes please don't yield to what director says about multi leaving leasing. >> i'm a - by limiting the hours that those madalinas can be on the street have greatly
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effected how people can see the transportation. and with a simple madalinas owners there is a loyalty to the integrity of the program. in my opinion one of the unforeseen benefits is that this class of drivers produces an environment of teamwork. additionally there has been sefrmentd that local customers have made inquiries about the health of the drivers in san francisco. the idea has received great reviews. to the issuance of madalinas this program has produced the lease amount of - i would strongly encourage the
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enhancement of this program in the future >> (calling names). >> again evening board of directors. i want to thank the doctor on his report. i have a couple of concerns that were brought up on the town hall meeting. the w hotel is on the corner of third and howard. if you're coming down third on a rush hour period it's going to be about 5 tow 7 minutes because when everybody comes to that threshold of montgomery. if you look at june the 14th of
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that day there was a giant against the houston as atrocities which means south of marketing is a mess. so there are other drorgsz be made there. i want to thank the director for trying to get more inspectors to help with the enforcement hopeful that won't be nitpicking with a madalinas on your shoulder. it 50 should be a rent basis on the focus not the 56 driver regulations. i'd also like to thank the city and drivers and companies to really work with the puc. as we fight those very stressful
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agree testators on the street. i think we need to continue that effort to follow the rules in place. (calling names) >> good afternoon. i have been driving a cab with the years with the dream of owning my own madalinas one day first, it was free then it is $250,000. when we will be able to pay for it with illegal cabs taking our business. $50,000 increase is small for the city and this could help pay for medical shiners for our
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families. i urge you to think about us since we're doing the third most dangerous job in the united states. thank you >> (calling names). >> thank you taxi cab workers and also on behalf of the green cab i'd like to thank the staff for by diesel fuel. they're very, very low emissions vehicles. let me say on the issue of efficiency the unit taxi cab workers have been crying in the dessert for many

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